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Fantastic! I have actually got round to sorting out this little piece of web-space thatís all my own! Always a good thing I feel, though whether anyone else will agree with me is of course another matter entirely! Saying that, I've actually got around to updating these things - there's not much of a difference, I know, I know, but it's nice to try and change things slowly! I suppose I have to do those Ďall about meí things now donít I? Well, I donít, but I shall, because Iím nice and shiny like that!

Itís been quite a while since Iíve done any web pages at all, so youíll have to bear with me at this precise moment in time! I learn fast, but donít always have the time or energy!

I would like to do the honourable thing and thank mono for my web space as well, because theyíre extra nice people and like to give me plenty of things to do with not a lot of time to do it in! Nah, Iím only joking! Thank-you mono for being fab, and to NoRM as well (just because heís a real cutie pie!) Power up Sabre Tooth Tiger Mega Zord! ;)

I'd also like to thank Rik lots as well for, buying me lots of banana flavoured products (yazoo banana milk being one of the best), dealing with my bouts of hyperactivity, restarting my obsession with cheese again and reminding me just how nice Red Leicester is! This has just served to increase my love for toast as well! I have one thing to say to that really... "Snow On My Shoe!" (c)

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