Oh a whole page just dedicated to cheese! How totally unlike me that is! Ha! Ha!

The reason for my obsession with cheese? I donít know I couldnít tell you, but itís happy food. Not only does it makes me happy, but itís a food that makes other food happy too! There are so many varieties of cheese that nearly ever food in the world could be complimented and made to feel worthwhile! Isnít that nice? See, thatís how nice cheese is! Bet you didnít have a clue did you?! Well, now you know!

And just to prove it, here are just two types of food out of the many hundreds of thousands, who are just steaming with pride and jumping for joy because they have let cheese into their lives..



Once plain and floury, pizza decided that it would be a good thing to let cheese into his life, and thus has been bubbling with pride and happiness ever since. Heís even begun experimenting with various aspects of his life: including peppers, ham, onions, pepperoni (for when heís feeling spicy), and various other food types. Needless to say, although sometimes flat, pizza is usually pretty quick to rise to the occasion.




Burger is jumping for joy because cheese has decided to join him in bread, and he finds his life is now more filling. He approaches his life with relish, and no longer feels that his life is in a pickle and always seemed to lettuce down. He now enjoys socialising with tomatoes and ketchups with his other friends, without them grilling him like they used to.



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