Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Ernest

During my time as a monitor I notice many things. However one thing has come to light in the last 24hours that I must protest strongly about.

There is a lamb.. a somersaulting lamb that can bark, watches TV, will have fangs and eyebrows however, this should not be held against him in any way shape or form, he really is a lovely sheep. I only really knew Ernest for a short time - a matter of days in fact, but before he went away I became very attached to him hes lovely. And his name is Ernest.

No really, it is..

I am collecting e-mails in support of Ernest and his name, and to also prevent him from possible drowning (far to horrendous a fate for a sweet small barking lamb I feel...)

To show your support please e-mail me with your comments.

Thank-you in anticipation

Your support is very much appreciated