About me! (you lucky people you!)


Oh, a page all about me! Scary biscuits! I can't imagine what you'd possibly want to know about me really - what is there to tell? Well, actually there's quite a lot, but I daren't put it all on the web. I'm afraid you'll get the basics and that's about it! Right, well, the boring routine things out of the way first guess!

Name: Siân Age: 27 Location: Yorkshire

Yep, that’s about as much intimate sordid details as you’re getting out of me my friend! It wasn't that intimate and it really wasn't that sordid either was it?! Hooray!

I live with my partner Rik in Yorkshire. The view from the living room window is incredible, and the sunsets are often beautiful, plus the view of the surrounding countryside is definitely one to be envied (and I get to see it every day!).

At the moment, although I’m a qualified I.T. & Maths teacher, I’m working in a non-maintained Residential EBD School, teaching all subjects to 10-16yr olds, but generally History. Presently looking for another job, ideally in SEN, but as long as it's a challenge I'll be happy.


I have 2 sisters – Catherine (25) and Bex (21).

Catherine’s working a Hospital in London on A&E. She's going to Australia in August for 6months and then coming back and getting married June/ July 2005.

Bex is at Imperial in London studying to be a Doctor, and generally larging it up as a student!

I don’t get to see them very often, but I love them to bits and miss them a lot.


I love reading – absolutely adore reading in fact – I finished a book called ‘Punchbag’ a while ago by Robert Llewellyn, which was amazing (gratuitous plug). I pretty much enjoy reading anything these days, from graphic novels to sci-fi, though my favourite author is definitely Michael Marshall Smith. Kathy Reich is also an incredible writer, and well worth checking out! Also have great admiration for William Nicholson (the 'Wind Singer' trilogy) Philip Pullman (Northern Lights etc) and Garth Nix.

I love driving, adore motorbikes (one day I’ll get my CBT and a bike!), I love anything to do with bats (that would be the flapping things, not the ones you hit balls with – mixing the two up would not be a good thing and could involve the RSPCA), and generally spending time with my friends and boyfriend.


All my hard work paid off! We got a kitten in January 02, and called him 'Switch', he's gorgeous, and is now nearly 3 years old and still as mad as anything!


Have some great friends, some who I’ve corrupted onto mono like my best friend Helen (Cherry) and Gina (Glowworm), others I’ve met here like Lian (myste), Alan (cougar), Mark (flippy), Dave (beardy), Claire (purple), Ryan (rye) NoRM (norm – obviously!), and many, many more. I have a great boyfriend too, though whether or not I dare to put any pictures up of him remains to be seen ;)


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