Slinker was Responsible for This !

Nobody can claim to be a serious spod, geek or net.entity these days without a web page of their own. Now I have one I will have to think of something else to waste time on.

I have an irrational dislike of e-mail, but I do read it if I get any so if you want to get in touch then mail [email protected] but I won't mail you back unless you're very lucky. If you want to talk to me properly then catch me on Monochrome sometime.

There are several other things on this page... :

Silly things.
This contains a lot of silly things.
Real things.
Things from the 'real world', a mythical place not actually on the net at all.
Other things.
Just in case the first two categories are not exhaustive.

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Well what did you expect... the Spanish Inquisition ?