The Games Room

The Games Room is slightly different from most sections on mono. Rather than being full of information files, or comment files, it mainly consists of Animations. That may not sound like much, but it has been realised that Monochrome's built in animation language can be manipulated to write games.

The Games Room is a home for these games, as well as providing an organised testing facility for anyone writing games in what is affectionatly known as Manim. It is also aimed to provide bug fixes and updates to games, in response to comments from other users

Menu   [A] = Arcade Classics!  
Menu   [P] = Puzzle Games!     
Menu   [S] = Strategy Puzzles! 
Menu   [T] = Traditional Games!
Menu   [C] = Casino Manim      

Menu   [!] = Development Menu! 

The Games Room is presently being moderated by Unc who as well as writing several games, has been busy fixing known bugs in other games, and helping on several more games in production.

If you are interested in writing a game for the Games Room, feel free to contact him.

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