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Magazines is a unique section on Monochrome, in that it doesn't contain any information you won't find elsewhere. All the files in it are arranged by staff member rather than subject.

The subsections are:

Comedy Corner

The Comedy Corner consists of sections of funny stuff organised as the owner of said stuff wants it. The files in the Humour section are organised by category - in here, they're organised by diseased and twisted mind.

The Damp Patch
An eclectic mix of jokes, funny comments and spods. The responsibility of ritchie.
Wildly Eccentrik
The lighter side of life, according to rik.
A collection of original and seriously hilarious files from the comedy Cheezeburger.


A collection of the esoteric (Mono X-files, Crackpot Theories), the scientific (Space Debates) and the Personal (Diaries). All held together by caz.

Nastyned's Tower

From the ultimate spod comes The Crazy World of Nastyned, the Indie Dustbin and (a personal favourite) the Wrestling File.


Hat's contributions to Monochrome, bless him. With some unpleasantness, some Commodores, a few Wobbly Words and a splash of latex (yes, the rubber stuff).

The Games Room

A collection of games and puzzles, mainly written with manim, Monochrome's own internal animation language. Features classics such as Hangman, Solitaire and a Fruit Machine. Maintained by unc.

Archipelagos NoRM

From the very bowels of NoRM comes his collection of stuff. A mixture of Humour, Anims and Moose...


Strange stuff from the Dark Side of life. Looked after by dr-jeep.

The Garden Party

"A relaxed cucumber sandwich of a section", featuring gossip, intrigue and poetry. Watched over by kayleigh.

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