to the wonderful world of NoRM.
(being the homepage of an eccentric, yet likeable chap)

[My mush] In this small, yet perfectly formed area you will find out things about NoRM, a wondrous creature, a marvel of human evolution and a fine example of the use of DNA. You may find out things you didn't know, or wish to know, or things to surprise and astound you, but you shouldn't let that deter you. Herewithin lie secrets and treasures bounteous.

"But please... feel free... explore"


NoRM user's guide
An invaluable reference work.

NoRM reviews
Many people have made observations on NoRM, and some choice examples can be found here. Some are complimentary, some inflammatory and some merely stupid.

The standard page of links
The HOT! list, the bookmarks, the collection of other people's dross, the springboard, the best, the worst, the myriad connections that make the web the joy and frustration to use that it is.

Some more stuff, eventually.
Including various essays, pieces of prose, rants, raves and rubbish.

More from NoRM

Comin'atcha like a laser, like a gun, like a rocket, like a car, like a knife, like a spoon, like a fridge, like a jar, like a body bag, like a calendar, like a superhero, like a boomerang.

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Last updated: Mon, Sep 29 1997
Norman McBride / [email protected]
Or is it? Perhaps, it's: I, Marc Moron, bred Brent or Brice Moron Rembrandt or barren morn cider tomb or even Rob Corn met inbred ram. Just some of my favourite anagrams.