Casino Manim

Casino Manim is a suite of several games, by several different coders, with a "portable" cash file which can be used in each of them. The aim is simply to bet your money on the different games in order to win 1,000,000mu. Each user of monochrome is entitled to an account containing an initial 50mu.

Special features mean that if a player becomes "bankrupt" then they cannot re-register for at least 24hours, to try and discourage people from making stupid bets.

At present there are 4 games, as follows, but it is hoped that other games may appear at a later date. Not all the games are traditionally found in a casino, but casino manim has a more fun approch than other casinos.

Championship Fighting:
Coder: Slinker
Plot: Bet on the outcome of a fight
Coder: Unc
Plot: A simple dice game
Coder: Unc
Plot: The classic casino game
Snail Race:
Coder: Amf
Plot: Casino Manim's very own racing

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