He's A Big Cuddly Animal

"Tugs Is Still Admin" Shocker
Yes, I am. I think I'm responsible for the newsletter, but in reality nobody really wants one. So I just hang around and do whatever needs doing. At least, that's my claim.

Not the Complaints Admin
Tugs is no longer Monochrome's complaints admin. If you have a complaint about another user, check out these guidelines and follow the instructions given, contacting the current complaints admin..

Menu Head for the Monochrome Users Menu
Tugs is the menu head for the Monochrome Users Menu. This menu pulls together the user-focussed sections into one spanking gorgeous little area where the attraction of these massed masterpieces is proving so great it's almost undergoing gravitational collapse. Tugs claims that this is the ideal position for him, as not only is he a User of Monochrome, but he too is pretty much ready to undergo gravitational collapse.

Moderator for Diaries
The diaries section (otherwise known as "Monologue") is at <ML>. This is your chance to spout rubbish without being contradicted. Most features of the section are automated.

More Links Not Coming Soon!
This page is, was, has been and will be a full time no holds barred construction site. Think of me as the EDS of web page design.


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