About Tugs


You don't want to know about tugs. You probably don't want to know tugs in real life either; most people find it better to just avoid the issue, to be honest. I pretty much keep to myself, and that works nicely for me, thanks.

If you really insist on knowing more, I will share that:

  • I'm a geek
  • I'm a musician
  • I'm a husband
  • I'm a father
  • I'm an admin for monochrome
  • I'm a card carrying member of the Grammar Police
  • I'm a bitch
  • I'm a lover
  • I'm a child
  • I'm a mother
  • I'm a sinner
  • I'm a saint
  • I do not feel ashamed
  • I'm your hell
  • I'm your dream
  • I'm nothing in between

You know you wouldn't want it any other way

Here's a nice recipe - Tugs' Lamb Korma. Hardly a unique recipe (is anything these days?) hacked together from various other attempts at the beast, but it's quite delicious, and I've had some good feedback on it in the past.

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