Beginner's Guide


The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an overview of the features that Monochrome offers, and to teach you the basic use of these features. If you need more help, Monochrome contains detailed help files.

Connecting to Monochrome

To login to Monochrome, click on the 'connect' link above to access all the options for connecting. Once you have connected, login as user: mono, then enter your account name at the Account: prompt. If you do not have an account, use 'guest' as the account name.


Throughout Monochrome, the following conventions are used for navigation:


The bottom of the screen shows the most commonly used options. You can press [?] to see the help. If you need more help than that, press [C] to continue on in the help text or go to <IH> within Monochrome.

Users On

To see who is logged into Monochrome, type [ESC][U].

Sending a Message

To send a message to another user, type [ESC][S], followed by their account name, then press [RETURN]. Enter your message, then enter a '.' on a line by itself to send it, or '.quit' if you have decided not to send it.

Reading your Messages

To read any messages that have been sent to you, type [ESC][R]. To reply to a message, press [S][I] when reading that message.


To go to the Main Menu, type [ESC][G]. To select an option from a menu, simply press the key associated with it. To go back a level, press [RET].

To proceed past the Message of the Day, or the Conditions of Use, simply press [C] to continue on.


To page down a file press [SPACE], to page back up the file press [-]. To leave a file, and return to the previous menu, press [Q]. To go the end of a file, press [Z].

To add a comment to a discussion file, press [A], and enter your comment. When you have finished, enter a '.' on a line by itself to finish. Press [SPACE] if you wish add your comment to the file, or [Q] if not.

Examining Users

To examine another user's account, type [ESC][E], followed by their account name, then press [RET]. To examine your own account, type [ESC][Y].

Changing your Password

To change your password, type [ESC][Y][P].

Changing your email address

To change your registered email, type [ESC][Y][M].

Namelines and Infotexts

Your nameline is a short piece of text that is displayed on the Users On screen, and included in any messages or comments you make. To change your nameline, type [ESC][Y][N].

Your infotext is an area on the Examining User screen that you can use as you see fit. To change your infotext, type [ESC][Y][I].


To use the multi-user talker, type [ESC][T]. When in the talker, type '.help' for an introduction to its features. To leave the talker, press [ESC], or type '.quit'.

Logging Off

To log off from Monochrome, type [ESC][X][X].

More Advanced Features

Monochrome has lots of help about all its features - you can find this at <IH>. This guide is just to get you started, and there's lots more to discover.