Coder: Amf
Path: [R][G][R][P][M]
Plot: A text adventure game!

|\/|               1.00  (25/11/95)
|  |anifold: A manim text adventure

You are standing by a small stone well, which appears to be a focal point of
an ancient maze, for it is situated in a clearing, and ringed by dense green
foliage. An old wooden windlass has been placed over the well, with a metal
handle, around which is wrapped a rope, which disappears into the darkness
below. The maze continues to the north, east, and west.

> n

You are somewhere within an ancient maze. Whilst the individual bushes that
make up the walls of this labyrinthine trap may have been distinguishable
once, they have long since merged into an inpenetrable barrier. There is
something that is not quite right about this place. The maze continues to the
north, west, and south.

> inv

You are carrying nothing.



Manifold is a text adventure game, written in Manim, the Monochrome animation language, allowing the player to interact with a strange, and often surreal, world, containing many unusual objects and places.

Interaction is achieved by means of simple commands, entered at the '>' prompt. A wide range of commands are provided for, and most should be fairly intuitive. For instance,

     'go north', or 'n'  Move to the north
	   'get bottle'  Pick up the bottle
	 'drop flowers'  Drop the flowers
     'tie rope to tree'  Tie the rope to the tree
'open book at bookmark'  Open the book at the desired position
   'inventory' or 'inv'  List what is being carried
		 'help'  Show a list of all commands understood

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