Coder: Quirka
Path: [R][G][R][P][C]
Plot: Rubik-esqe puzzle game.

                       R G B Y O
                      +---------+   Keys:
                      | |*| |*| |   '0' up/down
                      |G|B|O|Y|B|   '1' top rows left
                      |L|B|G|Y|R|   '2' top rows right
                      |R|R|O|B|R|   '3' bottom rows left
                      |Y|Y|L|O|G|   '4' bottom rows right
                      |O|*|G|*|L|   Moves: 0   


Basically you have a plastic cylinder with lots of beads in, parts of the cylinder can be rotated, moving the beads, and several columns can be slid up and down. The aim is simply to redistribute the beads into a given setting. Not as easy is it sounds!

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