In development

Part of the Games Room's remit, is to provide testing facilities for new games. I provide this in the form of a closed section with just a small handlful of 'testers' having access. This allows a coder to test a game within the Mono Enviroment, as well as receiving feedback about the game. Having this section closed means that they shouldn't get swamped with suggestions. It is easy to spot people repeating the same thing again and again in files, for example the MonoChrome Suggestion Box

Games Presently in development include the following:

Coder: Saint
Plot: Space Invaders Game
Beam Up
Coder: Bcc
Plot: Multi-player Manim Games
Casino Manim
Several Additions to Casino Manim
Lost in the Dark
Coder: Dragonlo
Plot: Find your way through the maze, but with limited overhead vision
Coder: Unc
Plot: Manim Conversion of this classic
Coder: Unc
Plot: Multichoice Quiz

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