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Mirath's Monochrome Pages

Hi, my name is Caroline Lamb - mirath on Monochrome.

I am a member of the Admin team, and have responsibility for the Society & Culture menu. As it's name implies, the menu contains a wide range of topics, from dedicated Men's (The Club) and Women's (Femme Fatale) sections and our lively LGB section Homochrome; to Religion & Faith and our problems and advice section Body & Soul, and the home of mind-bending debate Mind Games.

I have sections of my own, too: "The Real World" at <CW>, which I've been running for about three years now - it was originally called Academia, but has expanded to cover Finance, Housing and Work as well as Education and Careers, and also includes Wedding and Parenting sections!

In addition I'm an assistant for Body & Soul, which I've been doing for about four years now and enjoy very much. You can find out more about all these section by clicking on the links - or simply by connecting to Mono!

One of my main responsibilities is for the Talker; I and a group of Talker Helpers organise regular "socials" at which it can be guaranteed there's always someone to chat to!

Finally, I have responsibility for the Mono Questionnaire and hope to release the results of our survey soon.

If you have any questions about any of my sections please contact me at [email protected]; for information on converting Monochrome files and menus to HTML, contact Andrew Wood - [email protected].

My other website is here.

[email protected]