Rconfig is intended to manage configuration files across hetrogenous
groups of machines. The configuration for each machine is determined by
a set of rdist trees based on the various tags such as OS, hostname,
and architecture. Files in 'more specific' rdist trees take priority.

Remote configuration requires passwordless root rsh/ssh from a host
with direct access to the rconfig basedir. Target machines will require
rdist but not rconfig installed

For hosts running pkgsrc (www.pkgsrc.org) such as NetBSD, rconfig can
be easily installed from pkgsrc/sysutils/rconfig, otherwise ensure that
the following are installed:

fping (http://www.fping.com/)
shmux (http://web.taranis.org/shmux/)
rdist (such as freerdist)

The latest version is 0.46.

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